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Ceremonial Cacao
Food of the Gods

Waking Nomad has partnered with LavaLove Cacao to bring you the best and most authentic Cacao from the Mayan tradition.

The consumption of ceremonial cacao belongs to an ancient culture and tradition.  We want to provide the best ceremonial cacao and maintain the high quality of this medicine. 


LavaLove Cacao is committed to providing ceremonial cacao and treating it as a sacred food and a medicine.


This is a tool for all teachers, ceremonialists, artists, and seekers that want to incorporate this potent heart medicine into their lives.  Its production is aligned with respect for the environment, including roasting, grinding and biodegradable packaging. 


This is truly the best there is!  


Izabel & Izaias

LavaLove Ceremonial Cacao

Izabel & Izaias work together as activists and promoters of Mayan ceremonies, dedicated to rescue, conserve and preserve the Mayan sacred sites so that they are not privatized.

"Our mission is to rescue the wisdom of the Mayan ancient practice. It is important to us to bring back into our society the awareness and the importance of sacred circles.

Our call is to educate people from any background to connect with the origin of cacao and make good use of this sacred heart medicine, making the knowledge of its values available as well as the physical benefits it has for our bodies."

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