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What is Sound

Sound meditation is a practice that combines a tranquil setting with an emphasis on attention training and the breath. Musical instruments played during the meditation allow participants to use sound as a therapeutic and restorative tool. The listener is able to disconnect from the mental narrative or busy mind and explore a liminal or transcendental state. The goal is to allow participants to disengage from the conditioned mental patterns that are no longer serving them and to empower positive and lasting cognitive change.


Allow your attention to rest somewhere 

other than on your thoughts.

Your thoughts are distinct and separate from your attention.  This is a practice of learning to separate your attention from your thoughts.  And this is just the first step.  Once we start finding success in directing our attention we can start focusing more on the present moment and all that is coming into the world through us.


The sounds and vibrations of the instruments, when coupled with active attention, also help to slow the brainwaves allowing you to enter a state of deep relaxation.




The tracks below are designed to help you practice working with your attention while you listen.  For best results, download the high quality .wav file so you do not lose fidelity to streaming. 


When listening, we recommended using over-the-ear headphones or a good speaker system to ensure a more full expression of the sonic nuance.

How to Meditate
with Sound


Sit upright with your spine straight or lay down in a comfortable position. 

Close your eyes.

Take several deep and full belly breaths with slow and complete exhales.

Notice the nuances in the sounds.  Listen for the harmonics and overtones. 

Bring your attention to the subtleties. 

If you notice your mind begins to wander, bring it back to the sounds. 


This is a PRACTICE of learning to work with your attention. 


Your ability to direct your attention and focus your energy will improve with time. 

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