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Image by Toomas Tartes

10 Days in the Sacred Valley

Encounter the Mystery

and come to life.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Join Waking Nomad on a 10 day trip in the Sacred Valley of Peru!

  • 4 day hike along the Inca Trail

    • Camp under the stars​

    • Meals cooked and provided

  • Machu Picchu 

  • Ancient and Megalithic sites 

  • Andean Culture and Cuisine 

  • Lodging in the Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu

Peru 2022

Image by Alexander Schimmeck


Work on your breathwork and get acclimated to the elevation while we explore the historic city of Cusco.  Considered to be the "Navel of the world" this historic city is rich with heritage and culture.  We will visit megalithic sites and take in the history before setting out on our hike. 

Image by Jeremiah Berman

Inca Trail and Machu Picchu

Enjoy a 4 day Hike on the Inca trail, built over 500 years ago.  Meals and camping out under the stars in the Andes!  Meditate on the scenic views and incredible adventure.  Enter Machu Picchu through the "Sun Gate" at sunrise and explore the Incan Citadel for the day. 

Image by Peter Conlan

Sacred Valley

Spend the remaining days soaking up the magic of the Sacred Valley.  See other culturally significant sites and visit the towns and villages along the Urubamba River as we make our way back into Cusco to round out the trip. 

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