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"Understanding the Trauma Response Cycle: A Key to Transpersonal Breathwork"

When we experience trauma, our bodies respond with a natural instinctive response that is shared by all mammals. This response is designed to help us survive and cope with the trauma. Understanding this natural trauma response cycle is essential for releasing any of the traumatic energy that might remain in your nervous system.

The trauma response cycle includes stages of being mildly alert, fight or flight, freeze, and back to calm. In the early stages the body becomes vigilant and aware of dangers and potential threats. In the fight or flight stage, the body becomes activated and prepares to defend itself or to run away. In the "freeze" stage the body no longer feels like running or fighting are viable options and becomes immobilized to preserves energy. And in the rest stage, the body returns to a state of relaxation and recuperation.

Unfortunately, our modern lives and

culture (and our pre-frontal cortex) can interrupt this natural cycle, preventing us from fully completing the process. When this happens, the trauma becomes trapped in the body, causing physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms. The brain continues to reinterpret these "stuck" signals long after (sometimes years) after the threat is gone. This can lead to the misinterpretation of situations and people around you, leaving you to believe the fear and danger your body is experiencing is caused by the present moment. In reality, the signals your body is receiving are from threats long past, but the body was never able to fully process the energy.

By using active forms of breathwork and body awareness techniques individuals can re-enter the trauma response cycle to process and release trapped trauma and restore balance to the body. Allowing the body to safely and gradually release the trauma and complete the response cycle with practices like Transpersonal Breathwork and other forms of somatic releasing can help individuals heal from trauma and regain a sense of wholeness, empowerment and purpose. (To read more about Transpersonal Breathwork check out are post about "Exploring the Healing Power of Breathwork".)

Understanding the trauma response cycle is key to unlocking the power of Breathwork and somatic releasing and. By allowing the body to complete the natural cycle and release trapped trauma, individuals can heal and reclaim their sense of well-being.

If you want to experience what it feels like to be freed from some of this stagnant energy we encourage you to drop in to any of our upcoming sessions. In almost every session we work with the autonomic nervous system and the trauma response cycle. Why not see how alive you can feel?

Please feel free to share this post with others who may benefit from this information.

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