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A Mid-Winter Reset

6 days 
of Renewal and Rejuvenation

Feb 23-28, 2024

Encounter the Mystery

and come to life.

We all need experiences that remind us of the importance of being fully alive, connected and engaged; experiences that remind us to honor our body, mind, and spirit. This 6-day retreat to Tulum will serve as that reminder.  We will dive deep into a variety of wellness modalities and there will be plenty of time to rest and explore. This retreat is set at an eco-holistic hotel deep in the jungle with beautiful accommodations and delicious locally sourced cuisine. 


Enchanting Environment

Leave the routine behind. Give yourself permission to expand through new experiences and adventure. Bring your attention to the sounds and sensations of the jungle and the ocean waves. Notice the warm gentle breezes and the salt in the air. Swim in the cenotes and find your voice as we explore the acoustics as a collective.  Allow the energy of the jungle to assist you in dropping the narrative and quieting the mind.  

Exquisite Food

Nourish your body with Pepem's conscious and balanced locally sourced cuisine. They offer a Mestizo Mediterranean concept and each meal is designed to be clean and uplifting.  You'll feel refreshed and renewed after 6 days of nourishing your body with their well crafted dishes. 

Beautiful Accomodation

Pepem Eco Luxury Hotel is a serene oasis hidden within the virgin jungle of the Riviera Maya. Nestled far from the clamor of city life, this self-sustaining eco-village offers the perfect sanctuary for relaxation, retreat, and adventure. Experience the blissful fusion of comfort and sustainability, designed to respect and embrace the natural environment.

tulum 6.jpeg

Have you seen the photos from our
last immersive travel experience? 

Inca Trail Hike
Sacred Valley, Peru

Photography by Winsome Photos

Anchor 1

Travel and Transformation

When we step outside of our known environments we have an opportunity to encounter ourselves with a fresh vision.  We can allow the old identities to fall away and make a more authentic home for ourselves within the calm, still core of our being.  This trip will open your eyes to new worlds where you will rediscover a connection to wonder and possibility.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to Tulum –

Shake off the travel, connect with the group and enjoy a welcome dinner. 

tulum 5.jpeg

Today marks the start of an inner journey that will allow you to open up to authenticity, presence and adventure. After arriving in Tulum, you'll head to your eco-resort deep in the jungle and start unpacking your bags. The retreat has officially begun! We'll kick things off with yoga nidra and a sound recalibration. Here, you'll enter a deep state of relaxation that will help you reset your nervous system and sink into the rhythm of the retreat. A delicious welcome dinner will finish off the day.

Day 2

Cultivate vitality and set those intentions! Make space to notice and allow the energy to move through you. 


Awaken to the gentle, natural sounds of Tulum and get ready for a new day with a variety of opportunities for personal development. We'll begin with morning yoga where we will access states of vitality, rejuvenation and peace. After lunch, you will have the rest of the day to yourself. Take these moments to connect with your intentions for the retreat.  What is it that you are trying to foster or let go of? What changes do you want to see in yourself? Or just allow things to come naturally, integrating the insights along the way. Just notice and breathe. The beauty and setting of the location invites you to give yourself plenty of grace and compassion. In the evening, we will come together for a community meal and time around the fire for connection with your fellow travelers. 

Day 3

A day for diving deep into the practices and your own medicine!

come to life.

Sweat lodge.jpeg

Good morning! Rise and head to morning yoga as you create your foundation for the day, notice the internal shift no matter how subtle. Fuel up with breakfast and a little rest before immersing yourself in the power of breathwork and sound meditation. During this practice, you'll have the chance to release any trapped emotions, clear energetic blocks and create space for the body to complete the trauma response. During the sound meditation you will enter deep states of relaxation and rejuvenation, resetting your nervous system as a collective. 

Another moment for deep healing continues into the afternoon. We'll begin with the ancient sweat lodge ceremony known as temazcal. Practiced for hundreds of years, temazcal is an opportunity to purify yourself, mind, body and spirit. To help cool off after this ceremony, we'll have an ice bath! Promoting rejuvenation and resiliency with a host of mental health and physiological benefits.  The combination of these two practices will have an incredible impact.

Day 4

Embark on an excursion to a cenote and revel in the sacred beauty of Mexico.


After our usual morning yoga session and beautiful breakfast, we will embark on an excursion to a local cenote. Cenotes are natural underground swimming pools that held a wealth of significance for the ancient Maya, and you'll feel this history as you swim and vocally tone in the pool.

Back at the accommodation, we'll spend our evening exploring the powerful combination of cacao and sound meditation. This session will begin with movement and breathing to prepare the body and mind for meditation. The cacao will soften the edges, open the heart and allow us to go deeper into the practice.   

The day will end with dinner and time around the fire for integration and community. 

Day 5

Spend a free day exploring Tulum before finding closure in evening yoga and meditation.


Our final full day in Mexico has arrived. To make sure that you get to use these last hours in the most effective way possible for your own growth, we've kept the first half of today open. After morning yoga, you're welcome to begin exploring Tulum on your own. Treat yourself to some self-care and simply listen to what your soul needs during this time!

In the evening, we'll move through a yoga and sound meditation session to bookend the retreat! Connect with your intention and begin making a plan to integrate what you have learned into your every day experience. These practices are meant to be lived. 

Take some time to notice the stars and let the magic of Mexico sing you to sleep.

Day 6

Return home after a transformative time in Tulum.


Our time here in Tulum has been incredible and expansive. Remember how powerful you are.  With one final yoga session, we'll check out of our accommodation and begin traveling back to the airport. We thank you for joining us, and we're excited to see how this journey continues to unfold for you. Until Next time Nomads! 

What's Included: 

  • 5 nights in Pepem Eco Luxury Hotel

  • Shared double occupancy in accommodations

  • All activities described in the itinerary

  • All meals

  • 1 group arrival airport transfer

  • 1 group departure airport transfer

Not Included: 

  • Flights

  • All food not mentioned in inclusions

  • Optional add-ons

  • Travel insurance

  • Gratuities

Cost: $1,950
(Private room upgrades available)
Easy payment options!

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